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What is the Federation

The Federation (offered by the ThaiIDF) is software that provides subscribers with a national single sign-on authentication service. By using the Federation, it enables users to easily access services for collaboration with Thailand research and educational organizations.

How the Federation works

By subscribing to the ThaiIDF, you will be connecting to a framework that provides access to end-users and services through federated identity management. As a subscriber your organisation will have the ability to collaborate with numerous online services nationally.


Trust: using the ThaiIDF allows you to get the level of trust you need without having to undertake the process of issuing credentials yourself.

Efficiency: the ThaiIDF lets you re-use the trusted user registration processes that you already use.

Scalability: your services will be much easier to scale to a larger user group.

Collaboration: is made easy with others.

Joining as an Identity Provider

To join ThaiIDF as an Identity Provider, your organization needs to be part of Thailand Research Education Network or UniNet. All ThaiREN/UniNet connected applicant Universities / Institutes may sign the Application form by the head of the institution and submit the form to The federation may request additional information with regard to participating institution.

Joining as a Service Provider

The Service provider can be a SAML SSO-enabled web resource such as e-learning platforms, web shops, e-journal databases, etc. which make use of federated authentication and do authorize access to their applications based on the information they got from the Identity Provider of the users home organization. ThaiIDF accepts applications from ThaiREN, UniNet members and any other higher education, research, content providers that supports SAML SSO. Based on the ThaiIDF Policy, ThaiREN management will decide the eligibility of the applicant.

Steps to Join

Note: The ThaiIDF has all the rights in deciding the appectance or denial of the provider and the descision will be the final.