ThaiREN Identity Federation (ThaiIDF)

Identity Federation for R&E Institutes of Thailand

Maintained by Thailand Reserach Education Network Association

The ThaiIDF is the identity federation consisting of education and research entities (including but not limited to institutions of higher education, research institutes, colleges, and partner organizations) in Thailand, who are users of academic e-resources, organizations and companies (including but not limited to publishers, cloud service providers, public service departments, and other partners) who are providers of such e-resources.

The Federation is a combination of technology and policy which provides a trust framework. It provides subscribers with a national single sign-on that allows individuals across many different organisations to collaborate and access online resources within a trusted environment.

ThaiIDF lowers the effort associated with federated identity management in each individual subscriber organization. It also removes inter-organisational barriers to collaboration by enabling people to quickly and easily connect with electronic resources. Resource providers are also able to quickly and easily connect their services to people connected to the ThaiIDF.

By connecting your institution to the ThaiIDF:

  • Users can access all services with a single login account.

  • You don't have to implement and maintain a custom made connection to each service or Service Provider separately.

  • You can regulate authorization for entire groups of students, researchers and facualty easily.

  • You can integrate your internal authorization resources with ThaiIDF.

  • Easy integration of services.

  • Enhance user privacy.